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BOBA was originally conceived by Mr. L R Percival in 1953 to provide a club for Basenji owners in the north of Britain. It is now a national club and has members in many countries that have a Basenji-owning population. Mr. Percival served as Secretary and Treasurer until his death in 1964, at which time Mrs.replica watches B Percival (Littlebreach) became President, followed in 1968 by Mrs. J Wilson Stringer (Horsley) and in 1993 by Mrs. E M Ford (Taysenji).

Officers and Committee
Honorary Life Members: Mrs. E Grayson, Miss J Startup, Mrs. S Wallis, Mr. C Wright.
Vice-President: Mr. S Moss
President: Mrs. S Wallis  Chairman: Mrs. H Lane
Hon. Secretary: Mrs. L Tyler Jackson   Treasurer: Vacant

Show Secretary: Ms. J Frost

Committee: Mmes G Baseley, L Chavez-Novoa, J Cooley, J Eydmann; Miss J Gostynska; Ms J Frost.

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Basenji Owners and Breeders Association

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