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The following links connect with other Basenji-related websites around the world.  Should you wish your own site to be included here, please contact the Secretary.  Our only stipulation is that you provide a reciprocal link back to the BOBA site.

Basenji Breed Council

Northern Basenji Society

Basenji Club of Great Britain

Basenji Club of America

Basenji Club - Switzerland

Basenji pedigree database  - Created by Sally Wallis of Zande Basenjis

Akmar Basenjis - Paula Steele

Benkura Basenjis - Victoria Miller

Kalrinda Basenjis - John and Janet Bannister

The Hounds of Shernazar - Lisa Tyler Jackson

Zande Basenjis  - Sally Wallis

Andie Paysinger's Site 

Barkless  - The Virtual Fire Hydrant!  

African Mystery's - Hanneke Bijker, NL

Orange Pips Basenjis - Henna Kettunen, Finland

Kokojambo's Basenjis - RoseMarie  & Anya Strietzel, Germany

Sweaters for Rescue